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Covid-19, a big “Thank You” to our Service Users!

Covid-19, a big “Thank You” to our Service Users!

In the wake of this silent enemy amidst our communities, we at Premier Care Services are ever so grateful for the support and confidence from our Services Users. To reassure you of our dedication and commitment in all that we do please download our Policy 4218 Coronavirus Notice to service Users.


Any queries in relation to the Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Furthermore, I personally would like to extend a big big thank you to all of our outstanding carers for the commitment and quality care they have provided during this difficult time. Emma, Nadine, Misty, Denise, Amira, Sara, Chrissy, Anne, Joanna, Karen, Sandy, Kerry, Hayley, Heidi, Kay, Deby and Sandra… Thankyou!


Christine Young
Registered Manager

Easter Weekend heatwave supplies and appreciation

Easter Weekend heatwave supplies and appreciation

Our care team beat the heat staying saturated and motivated with the endless supply of water and the banner of appreciation created by the kids. Making sure our team had the support and a constant supply of water to hand during this weekend of exceptional warm weather was front of mind.

Operations Manager John Young connects with each one of the front line team every morning, referring to them as “Team PC”, ensuring they are ready for the day ahead and have the necessary resources to stay safe.  We have adopted a motto WHO CARES WINS…

In addition, “Team PC” would like to extend a BIG welcome to Joanna who has recently joined the team.

Covid-19 secure Remote Office

Covid-19 secure Remote Office

Premier Care Services have set up a secured Remote office at the Operation Manager’s home. This allows Staff to reduce their travel to the main office and doubles up as a central collection point for all their PPE supplies.

The Operations Manager John has put together blue emergency PPE packs as back up in the event that equipment runs low, due to the current shortage of hand gel we have purchased the ingredients needed to make our own supply on a weekly basis.

Christine (Registered Manager) and John her Son (Operations Manager) keep regular contact with the staff daily to try and boost moral and let them all know we are here for them and their Family members if any assistance is required.

We contacted all our clients at the start of this terrible Pandemic and reassured them that if there was anything they required outside of the current care package please feel free to contact us and if we can help we would at no extra cost.

We both would like to say that all our outstanding and professional staff are committed and go much further than above and beyond in playing their part in keeping all our clients and their families as safe as possible.

We will not give up on anybody

Christine and John

For additional information on Covid-19 and what you need to do, go to: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

“Huge gratitude and thanks to everyone of our team for their support and commitment. We are so very proud of our team.”

Training Course Update

Training Course Update

Recent training courses completed by our staff include Dementia, Moving and Assisting, Administration of Medication, Parkinson’s Awareness, First Aid and Diabetes Awareness.

Dementia training

This worldwide, scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain and experience of what dementia might be like, allows delegates to enter the world of the person and understand which simple changes need to be made to their practice and environment to really improve lives of people with dementia.

You must take action to prevent or minimise the risk of injury.

Virtual Dementia Tour: completed on 11/12/2019. Attendees: Karen, Sandra, Shirley, Chrissy, Denise, Heidi

Virtual Dementia Tour: Completed on 20/02/2019. Attendees: Misty, Trish, Hayley

Moving and Assisting

Moving and handling is a key part of the working day for most employees; assisting clients in moving. Poor moving and handling practice can lead to:

  • back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can lead to inability to work
  • moving and handling accidents – which can injure both the person being moved and the employee
  • discomfort and a lack of dignity for the person being moved

Moving and Assisting: Completed on 16/07/2019. Attendees: Sara, Denise, Chrissy, Hayley

Moving and Assisting: Completed 18/11/19. Attendees: Heidi Treeby, Anne Marshall, Misty Cunningham. Kay Wilson, Karen Reeve

Administration of Medication

Adult social care services have a responsibility to ensure the proper and safe use of medicines, and that staff responsible for the management and administration of medication are suitably trained and competent.

Administration of Medication: Completed on 22/01/2019. Attendees: Karen, Chrissy, Sandra, Denise, Shirley

Parkinson’s Awareness

Understanding Parkinson’s better and provide top-quality care for people with the condition in full-time residential care, in the community or in short-term respite care.

Parkinson’s Awareness: Completed on 15/04/2019. Attendees: Misty, Karen, Sandra, Chrissy

First Aid

Basic First Aid: Completed 2/12/2019. Attendees: Deby Young, Chrissy Jones, Anne Marshall, Karen Reeve, Heidi Treeby, Hayley Tester

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Awareness: Completed 9/7/19. Attendees: Sara Harman, Christine Jones, Denise Dixon