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Parkinson’s Disease is progressive and symptoms may come on in stages with difficulties increasing as the disease progresses.

Our main focus is taking into consideration the gradual decline in health and abilities and then adapting both the home environment and the daily living processes as these difficulties increase.

Our educated carers know enough about Parkinson’s not to expect too much from a loved one, and to know where the boundaries lie between what they can or can’t do during various stages of the disease process. By planning ahead, a carer may be able to anticipate problems or issues before they negatively affect a loved one.

We offer guidance on adapting the home environment to deal with the challenges that Parkinson’s disease presents, including everyday routines such as eating, bathing, and dressing which helps to lengthen quality of life.

Areas of focus include:

  • The Living Environment including bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens
  • Daily Life
  • Bathing – assisting with washing as needed
  • Dressing – assisted dressing
  • Mobility
  • Daily massages
  • Eating – depending on the severity of the condition, carers may place food within reach, or help feed the person. At advanced stages, a carer should be present during all meals.
  • Cognitive Changes – while encouraging the person to remain as independent as possible, increased attention needs to be focused on safety as well as making daily living needs easier on a person who has Parkinson’s.

As the disease progresses, communication may become more difficult. Carers have the ability to make life much easier for many suffering from Parkinson’s disease.